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I buy old 78 rpm jazz and blues records. If you have old 78s and are interested in what they’re worth, contact me for a fast, fair and free appraisal of their value to you. If you are looking to sell old records that I need for my collection- I will pay you more.

My interests are, Pre-War Blues 78 rpm records, Pre-War Jazz 78 Rpm records, Early Bebop 78′s (Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, etc.), Post war Blues 78 rpm records, and early country music 78 rpm records of the 1920′s to early 1930′s. These are the only types of 78′s that I buy! Please see below for some more details.

What Old Records am I Looking For?

  • Shellac Records
  • 78 rpm Records (78′s, 78 rpms)
  • Old Blues Records
  • Old Jazz Records
  • Old Store Stock
  • Antique Records
  • Phonograph Records
  • Race Records
  • Old Albums
  • Old Record Albums
  • Early Blues Music
  • Early Blues Records
  • Pre War Blues
  • And Much More…

What Artists am I Looking For?

Old Blues Artists
Old Jazz Artists A-C
Old Jazz Artists D-H
Old Jazz Artists I-O
Old Jazz Artists P-Z
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78 rpm Record Resources

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What records am I looking for?

Shellac Records, 78 rpm Records, Old Blues Records, Old Jazz Records, Old Store Stock, Antique Records, Phonograph Records, Race Records, Old Record Albums, Early Blues Music, Early Blues Records, Pre War Blues, And Much Moreā€¦